Tiger Woods as the idol of most golf fans in the world (Part 2)

Woods has won the PGA Tour 81 times, only behind Sam Snead (82 times)

From the image of being dirty by sex scandals, broken marriages to the degradation of the body after a series of surgeries, but the fans have never once turned against him like what the sponsors have done.

When Woods sat out for two years, the greatness of “Super Tiger” grew, because all people have is memories, images that no one has ever done on the stage. For many people, remembering about golf means remembering Tiger Woods.

When Woods played back with a five-year title, everyone was watching, even though he couldn’t dominate like he used to.

That’s why fans are crazy about winning at Masters 2019. Memories are now a reality again. The red Sunday shirt sparkled like never before. Excitements have come, from young people who have never seen Woods win major, to older generations always thought the American golfer would not be able to win again.

The moment when the 43-year-old star was crowned at the Masters when everything seemed old, despite the fact that 22 years was enough to make golf change too much.

Woods 15 times major champion, only three titles behind Jack Nicklaus’s record

Woods was no longer invincible. The Masters 2019 is the toughest major of all the times he has won, not only because he has gone through many challenges in life and health problems. Woods has never won a major tournament, having to compete with so many candidates at the bottom nine.

Woods wins because he plays better and smarter than his opponents. “Super Tiger” was champion by ability, not by any mystic factor, as his fans had hoped.

Woods atone for those who have loved him, who forgive his past mistakes. Fans probably can not forget Woods used to be sexually addicted and cheated on his wife, each addicted to alcohol and drugs leading to accidents and examination.

It is also not forgotten how much Woods got depressed after the 80-match rounds in 2015 and wanted to give up everything. But in the end, they still want Tiger Woods to be the greatest golfer in history, not Jack Nicklaus or Sam Snead.