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The opportunity for Van De Beek to escape the standby life at MU (Part 2)

ESPN commented that Van de Beek joined MU at the wrong time. Manchester City representatives do not need more creative midfielders in the squad. But if there is, Jadon Sancho is the person the club wants to own. From the summer of 2019, “Red Devils” consider British talent as the top transfer target.

What should Van de Beek do to improve the situation?

The former Ajax midfielder is experiencing a nightmare at the “Theater of Dreams” when the British media believe that coach Solskjaer does not have confidence in this contract. Even Van de Beek is not always appreciated by the Norwegian strategist, although Paul Pogba – the main competitor of the stone with the Dutch midfielder – is in decline.

Sports Mail revealed that Van de Beek wanted to leave in the winter to save his career. However, the Dutch midfielder quickly denied rumors and confirmed his attempt to conquer coach Solskjaer.

The match with the Turkish representative may become an opportunity for Van de Beek to change the situation. MEN commented that former Ajax star must quickly shine as Bruno Fernandes did.

Van de Beek wanted to leave in the winter to save his career

MU used to lack creativity until the Portuguese midfielder joined the club. Currently, the former Sporting Lisbon star becomes irreplaceable. The influence Fernandes created for the “Red Devils” was huge. Without him, doodles immediately appeared.

To describe the 26-year-old midfielder, all is packed in the title “What if MU do not have Bruno Fernandes” posted by Goal after the 1-0 win of the Manchester representative against West Brom.

Van de Beek must strive to promote the value

According to MEN, Van de Beek must strive to promote the value. He tried to make the most of every minute of competition. He has to show he can “stunt” his Portuguese teammate by creating assists or scoring goals.

In October, journalist Carl Anka of The Athletic said that Van de Beek needs to be patient and wait for his chance. A month has passed and things are still not working for Van de Beek.

However, everyone can sympathize with Van de Beek because he has not been given many opportunities to play. But with the match against Basaksehir taking place at 3 o’clock on November 25, if the former Ajax midfielder needs to create “something really different” at Old Trafford. Only that way, Van de Beek hopes to get rid of the nightmare in England.

The opportunity for Van De Beek to escape the standby life at MU (Part 1)

Van de Beek needs to make the most of his chances to play at Manchester United to score points with manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who is not said to have confidence in the Dutchman.

Not Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford, or Anthony Martial, Donny van de Beek became the subject of the British media before the Man United match against Istanbul Basaksehir in the fourth round of the Champions League group stage.

After only playing 11 minutes against West Brom in the 9th round of the Premier League, will the former Ajax midfielder get to start?

What’s going on with Van de Beek?

Van de Beek is becoming a mysterious contract at Old Trafford. He was almost excluded from the club’s plan when he has been on the bench recently.

Van de Beek is stuck at MU

Many people feel sorry for the fate of Van de Beek, a talented midfielder who brought Ajax to the Champions League semi-finals in 2018/19. The image of a former Ajax star with a sullen face sitting in the stands witnessed MU meeting a deadlock in front of Chelsea in October, making everyone feel sad. On the same day, from his home country, the 22-year-old midfielder’s old team engulfed VVV Venlo 13-0.

Former MU defender Patrick Evra believes that Van de Beek is not good enough to win the main kick. The French player also emphasized that the Dutch midfielder was not a really necessary contract with the club.

Van de Beek is a very creative midfielder model. The talent of this player has been verified. However, the Dutch midfielder has a too “thin” body, the element is not suitable for the English football environment, which requires a player to have the strength to dispute.

In terms of creativity, Bruno Fernandes is the main dual in “Theater of Dreams”. In terms of leadership, no one is better than the Portuguese midfielder. When he needs a substitute player for Fernandes, Paul Pogba will be mentioned because the French midfielder remains a world-class star.

Van de Beek cannot compare to Fernandes and Pogba in terms of talent and class. Even when MU needs a central midfielder, Fred or Scott McTominay will be the first choice because they too understand the Premier League environment and possess a great physical foundation.