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Mayweather: From childhood full of violence to a millionaire boxer (Part 2)

Keeping balance on the box helped create a “Lonely defeated” that moves extremely fast and unpredictable. Not stopping, every day he combined 11 miles run and practice more skills to hit with his father.

Become an unbeatable and rich fist

Four months after the bronze medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, Floyd Mayweather moved to professional competition. The young boxer became the fourth in the family after his father and two uncles pursued the work of the palace.

However, if compared with the achievement, “Lonely defeated” goes beyond all. It took him less than 2 years to get the lightweight WBC belt after taking down champion Genaro Hernandez in 8 innings.

Focusing on defense and scoring from counter-attacks, fighting style is not popular but gives the fighter the nickname “Money” to the maximum effect.

In April 2002, Mayweather decided to choose a bigger challenge when moving to light. Victory continues to come to the American boxer. He won the WBC belt before adding two more weight classes in the following years.

Must meet great rivals but no one can resolve the “wall” built by the 40-year-old puncher. It can not be said that Mayweather can only bully low-profile opponents because Oscar De La Hoya, Canelo Alvarez or Manny Pacquiao must all bow to “Lonely defeat.”

The achievements

Up to before the match against Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather held a record 49 matches and won the world championship in 5 weight classes.

Despite owning impressive achievements, the boxing village over the past 20 years has also witnessed many outstanding names like Mayweather such as the Klitschko brothers, Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez …

When confidence and carelessness were ingrained into the blood after the difficult childhood years, Mayweather built her image in the model of a typical “bad boy”. Exaggerating too much, shocking speech, constantly creating scandals that make the public boil and pay attention whenever the ring.

After that, Mayweather Sr almost turned to training for De La Hoya. Media can be digged and the match is hotter than ever. Mayweather earned more than $ 25 million, a record sum for a boxing match at the time.