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Son Heung-min helped Tottenham win 5-2 over Southampton

Son Heung-min shone when he scored 4 goals in a row, making a big contribution to Tottenham’s 5-2 victory over home team Southampton in the second round of the Premier League on September 20.

Southampton and Tottenham are both aiming to win their first Premier League 2020/21, after losing in the opening round. The home team in a red shirt unexpectedly created an overwhelming streak against coach Jose Mourinho’s students in the first half.

Son Heung-min helped Tottenham win 5-2 over Southampton

Harry Kane soon kicked Southampton’s net in the 3rd minute. However, after consulting the VAR, the referee did not recognize the goal because Son Heung-min made an offside error when passing the ball. By the 28th minute, he had another goal against the opponent, but the referee raised the offside flag.

The home side’s attacking efforts were rewarded with an opening in the 32nd minute. From Walker-Peters’ pass, Ings controlled a beat, before finishing the corner and not giving goalkeeper Lloris a chance to block.

Tottenham’s defense had a lack of focus on the game

However, Son Heung-min equalized in the first half time. From Ndombele’s opening line, Harry Kane picked up the ball and passed Son Heung-min subtly. The Korean star finished the cross-corner equalizer in the first shot on target.

Tottenham’s defense had a lack of focus on the match

In the second half, the Tottenham defense continued to make mistakes when Dier lost the ball and Adams quickly finished. However, the attacking line of the white shirt team had a sublimation match, with the agreement of Harry Kane and Son Heung-min.

Tottenham’s counterattack lines show sharpness, with a Son Heung-min spearhead. Harry Kane constantly exploits the weakness of Southampton’s midfield. Kane has 3 assists for Son to score in 47, 64, and 73 minutes. Son Heung-min is clearly a successful football striker of Tottenham.

Harry Kane, after his efforts, has his own goal. He kicked back after the kick in the 82nd to make the score 5-1. At the end of the match, the home team was awarded a penalty after Doherty let the ball touch his hand in the penalty area. Ings did not make a mistake to beat Lloris in the 90th minute.

The match ended with a score of 5-2 for coach Jose Mourinho. Son Heung-min made goal poker, while Harry Kane had one goal and four assists. Tottenham temporarily rose to 5th place on the rankings, while Southampton dived on the 19th.