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The biography of Mesut Ozil – the talented striker of German football (Part 2)

In the FIFA World Cup 2010, Mesut Ozil is being selected to represent the German team. He has had performances that have attracted the attention of managers and coaches from many major European football clubs such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, Arsenal, and Barcelona.

Mesut Ozil moved to Real Madrid on 22 August 2010 for a transfer fee of up to 15 million euros. He made his debut match against the Hercules club. Shortly thereafter, Mesut Ozil was named in the club’s official squad in La Liga. His first match in this tournament was a draw.

Mesut Ozil’s first Champions League

Mesut Ozil made his first Champions League match for the club on 15 September 2010. In that match, he scored a great deal for his club by helping Gonzalo Higuain scored against the Ajax club. When the season ended, he had 25 assists, his performance received a lot of appreciation.

Mesut Ozil made his first Champions League match for the club in September 2010

He played in Real Madrid’s No.10 shirt during the 2011-2012 season, his goal in this tournament is to help the team win as many victories as possible and train. Coach Mourinho wants to make the most of his natural skills. With a total of 17 assists, Mesut Ozil was once again on the list to participate in the La Liga support rankings for the 2011-12 season.

Mesut Ozil has entered the World Football Federation’s golden ball award list and is nominated for the title of the best player in Europe through the impressive achievements he has recorded.

During three very successful years with the Real Madrid club, Mesut Ozil has switched to playing for the Arsenal club on loan for a fee of £ 42.5 million. This transfer contract helped him become the most expensive German professional football player at that time.

Mesut Ozil is not only famous on the pitch but also has a compassionate heart when he participates in many volunteer programs and uses the bonuses he received to charity.


Above is some information about the biography of Mesut Ozil. Hope this information will be really useful for football fans in general and fans of Mesut Ozil players in particular.