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The secret behind the success of the professionals sportsmen (Part 1)

To achieve sports success, need to have special qualities. Besides, you need to suit the sport that you participate in the competition. But in addition, there is the impact of other external factors that not everyone can see. And one of the most important factors is when you were born.

The moment you were born has a big impact on your chances of success in sports. The researchers made their comments based on figures of football players in the UK, ice hockey players in Canada and the athletes competing at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. From there, they have drawn surprising conclusions about the impact of the date of birth.

In 2009, when studying professional youth soccer academies in the UK (for ages 16-20), scientists found that up to 57% of the students were born in September, November or December. Meanwhile for June, July or August, this is only 14%. That is, more than half of the students were born in September, November or December.

This is not just the case for the UK. At the European and World Youth Football Championships for ages 17 – 21, there are times when 75% of players are born just lying around for four different months. Similar results were found in ice hockey in Canada and at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Another study by Dr. Adrian Barnett from Queensland University of Technology also showed that the month of birth can affect the health and fitness of each person’s future. Barnett analyzed the birth dates of Australian professional rugby players and found an asymmetry as there were many athletes born in the first months of the year, while few were born in the last months, especially the month. twelfth.

Relatively influence on age

This phenomenon is known as the Relative Age Effcet (RAE. is determined by the date of selection interruption by age. In English football, children are classified into different classes based on whether they were born before or on September 1.

Babies born in September obviously have an advantage over those born in August. This is because they have one more year to grow and develop. This becomes even more important during the early stages of puberty,

How to achieve a good mental state to become a good athlete? (Part 2)

Set performance goals

These are goals to achieve specific milestones while playing sports. They may involve recording a certain number of points or reaching another statistical marker, such as reducing the time it takes for you to run a certain distance. These goals should be easily tracked so you can see how close you are to achieving them.

Set habit goals

These are goals that change the way you play, focusing on your process, not the outcome. These can be things like making sure your head stands up while walking through, or going to bed at a certain time.

Visualize success

Preparing your mind for what you want and what it would be like if you achieved it is an important part of a successful athlete. Professional athletes take the time to visualize their success before it happens. This can help them calm down before a competition, thinking about how good it is to achieve their goals, rather than worrying about not being able to achieve them.

One way to help is to identify and focus on the successes you already have. Think about your greatest accomplishments and how it feels to achieve them. This will help you avoid mistakes and errors, because that’s a sure way to repeat them.

Being modest

Great athletes not only take care of their bodies and develop their skills. They also respect others, including their opponents. A good athlete can control his emotions, not too angry when things go wrong for them. This not only helps to deal with coaches and supporters, but also to overcome tough opponents, or other things that can hurt an athlete’s confidence.

Above are things you need to do to achieve a good mental state to become a good athlete. Hopefully, the article is helpful for you.

How to achieve a good mental state to become a good athlete? (Part 1)

To be a good athlete, not just being gifted is enough. When you have the best preparation for your sport, you will be in good spirits. Good thinking, good exercise habits and a healthy lifestyle can improve your fitness and help you become a better athlete.

Besides regular practice, good health and suitable nutrition, a good athlete also needs to prepare for a good mental health and spirits. Therefore, in the article below, we will guide you to getting a good mental state to become a good athlete. Let’s check them out!

Find a sport you are passionate about

If you want to be a great athlete, the best thing you can do is to find something that really matters to you. This can be a sport that you enjoy playing and practicing, something that will help you get through tough days. In addition, if you like what you are doing, you will be less stressed, which will help you recover better from training and injuries.

Make your sport a priority

If being an athlete is important to you, goodness takes a lot of your time. You may not be talented or skilled enough to become a professional, but by ensuring that you regularly have the time to practice, you will be able to show constant improvement.

Maintain a positive attitude

Becoming an athlete is an opportunity to compete with others and succeed in something. Focus on the great things you can do, this will allow you to pursue excellence, not perfection.

Target set. When you start a practice or start a exercise regime, set a goal to strive for. Great athletes can set goals for both realistic and achievable short and long-term goals. Part of an athlete’s progress is your ability not only to achieve your goals, Regularly overtake them.