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The biography of professional NBA player Kevin Durant (Part 2)

Kevin Durant continued to reap his extraordinarily positive performance with a performance of 30.1 points per game. The 21-year-old has become the youngest scoring machine in NBA history to achieve the NBA scoring champion.


Seeing the need to lock up his treasure, OKC Thunder offered a $ 86 million five-year contracts to Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant continues to prove his worth when he is constantly an obsession for any team facing Thunder directly.

However, with the ungainly and the championship, he and OKC Thunder could not touch the noble title once, although he had previously surpassed the most challenging opponents of the NBA at the time. then like the Lakers, the Spurs.

In the 2013-14 season, Kevin Durant earned himself an MVP achievement after a series of extremely impressive points. The number 35 player has an average score of 32 points per game. This season, the OKC Thunder team continues to be not a rival of the old Spurs in the regional finals after 6 matches.

Touching speech by Kevin Durant during the MVP award ceremony

By the end of the season, Kevin Durant was retained by Nike with a 10-year contract of nearly $ 300 million.

The key moment for Kevin Durant’s decision to stay was after OKC Thunder lost to the Golden State Warriors. And after this season, Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors. This left bad comments for him from most fans around the world.


Kevin Durant’s joining the Golden State Warriors alerted the entire NBA to a dark time for all the remaining 29 teams. And rightly so, Kevin Durant along with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala became the squad if not exaggerated to be the strongest in NBA history, and the name of the “death squad” began. from that.

2 championship titles in 2 consecutive seasons are the sweet fruits that Kevin Durant has waited too long to get. He continues to prove his worth even though playing side by side with one of the best 3 pitchers in NBA history like Stephen Curry.

Kevin Durant and celebrating 3 years at Warriors

In the last season in the Warriors, Kevin Durant suffered the most terrible injury in the world of players. It was the Achilles injury. However, Kevin Durant was still welcomed by the Brooklyn Nets with a 4-year contract for up to 164 million dollars.