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The great basketball career of Kobe Bryant and his sad ending (Part 1)

Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest athletes in sports history and a symbol of victory, passed away at the age of 41 after a catastrophic helicopter crash in the United States on Jan. 26.

Bryant’s death came as a surprise, as the regular season NBA 2019/20 series still took place on the morning of January 27. Everything turned upside down because Bryant, from the story of Trae Young changing the shirt number to pay tribute to Bryant, had the football field changed the rules of the game to create a highlight for this legendary tribute. Meanwhile, LeBron James burst into tears when he learned that the great man had passed away.

Bryant’s famous basketball career spanned 20 years with only one shirt being the Los Angeles Lakers. Charlotte Hornets chose Bryant in turn 13 at the 1996 NBA Draft, then exchanged this talent for the Los Angeles Lakers. Bryant’s natural qualities have been recognized since he played in high school. By the time Bryant retired, he arrogant with the greatest position in NBA history.

The New York Times wrote that Bryant was soon aware of being a star. He keeps the habit of practicing from early morning, with days lasting until night. That’s why Bryant became the first defender from the high school basketball level to go straight to the NBA.

Bryant suddenly left, leaving his grief for the world basketball

Bryant suddenly left, leaving his grief for the world basketball

Through two decades of fighting in the NBA, the greatness of Bryant is shown through impressive statistics. “Black Mamba” (Bryant’s nickname) scored more than 33,000 points, in the top 5 most impressive scorer in NBA history. Bryant and the Lakers conquered 5 NBA championships, won 2 MVP finals (best player in the NBA final series) and 18 times attended the NBA All-Stars.

With Bryant, people mentioned him not only about outstanding talent but also in the arrogance of a superstar similar to Michael Jordan. Mainly, Bryant’s basketball career is recounted within the boundaries of hero and criminal.

The biography of professional NBA player Kevin Durant (Part 1)

In this article, we will have a look at the summary of information, history, achievements about Kevin Durant at the American professional basketball (NBA).

Get your own custom parcel shoe when you agreed to sign with Nike in 2007 for $ 60 million. However, Nike continues to want to keep its “golden egg-laying chicken” for another 10 years with a contract worth nearly $ 300 million.

The biography of Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant has a full name is Kevin Wayne Durant. He is a player with the ability to score extremely well. He plays well in mid-range. Kevin is always an obsession for defenders outside the third round.

Kevin Durant was the second pick player in 2007. he boy with a height of 2m08 then quickly became one of the pillars of Seattle SuperSonics (later renamed OKC Thunder).

With a series of individual titles from small to large, Kevin Durant is one of the monuments of contemporary basketball. Kevin Durant is also one of the highest paid athletes worldwide. And yet, the player born in 1988 is also the face of two of the world’s leading brands. They were Foot Locker and Nike.

The imprint of Kevin Durant’s career

With achievements together with the Texas Longhorns university team, Kevin Durant joined the NBA with the second pick belonging to Seattle SuperSonics. In his first season with the team, Kevin Durant quickly “stood together” with LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony as rare players in NBA history with an average of 20 points per game in the rookie season.

Nike seemed to be very cool and observant when he saw the 19-year-old’s future potential. The “Swoosh” brand quickly came to an agreement to launch a line of shoes for young men with the amount of up to 60 million dollars in 7 years.


After a short season wearing a green Seattle SuperSonics outfit, the team changed location to Oklahoma and naturally the name was changed to OKC Thunder in 2008. Also in this year, OKC Thunder continued. succeeding in terms of recruiting players when they have one of the best NBA players at the moment – Russell Westbrook.