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A brief biography of world-famous golfer Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas set a record as the youngest golfer to score 59 strokes in a round at PGA Tour (1st round of Sony Open 2017).

The childhood of the famous golfer

Justin Thomas was born and raised in Kentucky, USA. He entered the professional golf industry in 2013, owning 5 PGA Tour championships. In particular, the golfer’s last championship born in 1993 was PGA Championship 2017, the new tournament ended on August 14. In 2017 alone, he won 4 championships.

From the age of 7, he began practicing golf with Mr. Mike, his father, a professional golfer at Harmony landing, outside Louisville. His grandfather, Paul Thomas, was also a professional golfer in Zanesville, Ohio. He participated in the US Open in 1962.

As a child, at the end of every training session, Justin and his dad used to bet $ 1 on the last fight of the day. One of Thomas’s most memorable memories is at Valhalla when J.B. Holmes won a win for the US team after the 17th green. Since his father was on the board of the USA PGA, Thomas was allowed to hang out with all the golfers that week.

As a freshman in Alabama, Thomas won the nation’s top golfer Haskins award in 2012. He turned professional after his sophomore year, in which Crimson Tide was won the NCAA 2013 championship and earned his PGA Tour card after 2014.

As can be seen, besides other talented golfers such as Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas is also a bright name that early showed his talents in golf since he was young.

Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth have been close since childhood

Justin Thomas’s girlfriend Jillian is often not mentioned much in the media. Before his final day at the PGA Championship, Justin was so confident he called Jillian back to Quail Hollow to see his first major championship.

Justin Thomas, Justin’s father, put on a display frame for golf balls that are associated with special moments in his son’s career. These include the record 63 strokes in the third round at Erin Hills and 59 strokes at the Sony Open. There will certainly be at least one golf ball at Quail Hollow on display at Justin’s house.