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Top players that are known as Brazilian football legends (Part 3)


Rivaldo is certainly indispensable in this list of legends. Rivaldo is known as one of Brazil’s top players, former Barcelona and AC Milan midfielder played enthusiastically on the pitch and left many impressions in the hearts of fans. Currently retired, but the imprints that this legend left forever last at the same time.

In his career as a player, he was most successful playing at the Catalan club Barcelona. He won the championship team in 1997-1998 and 1998-1999. In 1999, Rivaldo won the European Golden Ball efficiency and best player of the year.


In this list, without Garrincha, it would be a big mistake. Although it is no longer in this world, the imprint that this former player left forever lasts at the same time. While playing on grass, Garrincha played as a winger in 1958 – 1962 in the Brazilian team. He did not compete in the midsize club and did not play football in Europe, but he and his teammates achieved many achievements in his career.

Most prominent were the 1958 and 1962 World Cup championships. He replaced Pele when he was injured and showed his form with a dream pass. He, along with Pele, helped Brazil to win the 1962 World Cup and is on the Brazilian football legend list.


Falcao was listed by fans in the list of the most perfect midfielder in world football in the 1980s. Falcao with his team mates won the Scudetto title in 1983.

Falcao was listed by fans in the list of the most perfect midfielder

But a year later, the team failed again in the European Cup final in AS Roma’s shirt. Falcao with the players Socrates, Eder, Cerezo, or Zico has made great feats in history.


Jairzinho when he was a player in a striker position. He competed in the squad of the Brazilian national team and with his teammates reached three FIFA World Cup finals. Jaizinho is a model player of the Selecao and the same team won the world championship five to the world championship in 1970. Not only successful at the team level, but this legend also reaped many glories in the color Club Botafogo shirt.

Above are the top famous Brazilian football legends up to now.

Top players that are known as Brazilian football legends (Part 2)

Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos is known as one of the most famous football legends in Brazilian football history. The striker is known for his powerful shots and clarity on the pitch. The Real White Vulture is the club that Roberto Carlos has achieved the most success.

Roberto Carlos is known as one of the most famous football legends

Roberto Carlos ranked second in the 1997 FIFA best player list. At the national team level, Carlos played a total of 125 games and scored 11 goals at the 2002 World Cup and helped his home team win the championship. In 2006, he retired.


Zico’s beloved fans nicknamed him “White Pele” and were one of the best players of the 1980s. Zico attended the World Cup three times in 1978, 1982, and 1986. Total Goals He scored 66 goals in 88 appearances for the Brazilian national team.

Although he never won the World Cup with his teammates, he was still voted one of the best players in Brazilian football history. He helped Japan win the 2004 Asian Cup.

Every football tournament attracts a very large fan base. Moreover, female soccer fans are even more special, with the same point in the countries with the most beautiful female soccer fans believe!


Romario – Brazilian football legend used to be a nightmare with the defense of the opponent. This legend is associated with scoring and tearing the opponent’s net at the 1994 World Cup.

Romario is a Brazilian football legend

When he was on the field, Romario played for famous clubs like PSV or Barcelona and scored many goals in his career. He, along with Hristo Stoichkov, was the same pair in the ‘Dream Team’ formation of Johan Cruyff.


Socrates was named one of the best Brazilian players. His playing career is associated with the club Botafogo, Corinthians, Flamengo, or Santos. He has an agile style of play, flexibility on the pitch, and clever thinking, knows how to respond to ball situations when playing.

Top players that are known as Brazilian football legends (Part 1)

In world football, the Brazilian national team is known as the greatest team of all time. Not only many times standing on top of glory, but this place is also the birthplace of football legends.

Talking about Brazilian football legend, it is indispensable for names like Ronaldinho, Zico, Grinncha, especially the football king Pele and Ronaldo De Lima.


Growing up in poverty, from an early age, Pele fell in love with the ball and was often taught to kick by her father. From 1954 to 1956, he and Bauru Athletic Club juniors won three Sao Paulo state championships.

Pele is forever a monument among football legends

In 1956 he was taken to the port city of Santos for a professional rock test with Santos FC. From this moment on, Pele’s professional club football career began. After Santos, he played for New York Club Comsmos and the Brazilian national team, leaving many impressive achievements in the hearts of fans.

He announced his retirement in 1974. Although he broke up on the pitch for a long time, he is still a monument in the football village and the hearts of fans. Brazilian football legend, king of football Pele, Player of the century…

Ronaldo De Lima

In the football world, the only player dubbed “alien” is Ronaldo De Lima. He was born on September 18, 1976, in the suburbs of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Here, he became acquainted with street football from a young age. Not eager to learn, but Ronaldo has a strong passion for the ball

Ronaldo is one of the Brazilian football legends

During his time at the club, he scored 36 goals in 54 games. What he showed when he was in the U17 national team and this club caught the attention of a team. That was the Cruzeiro E.C team, which was where he started his professional football career.

At the age of 20, Ronaldo became the youngest player to win the title “Best Player in the World” of FIFA. After 1997, he achieved many noble titles in the world football. He played for famous European clubs such as Inter Milan, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, and the Brazilian national team. Ronaldo is known as a world football legend. On February 14, 2011, the Brazilian football legend announced his retirement.