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Learn about the diet of famous boxers around the world

The common points from the diet of famous boxers in the world that Kickboxing synthesized. You can also apply for yourself to be healthy as a boxer.

1. Eat several meals a day, meals spaced out

The famous puncher of the Fabricio Werdum boxing village shared, he usually ate 8 meals a day, eating several small meals to help the body absorb better, not creating too full of pressure on the digestive system, reducing the risk of cholesterol-related diseases. Similarly, Bruce also implements this method with 4-5 meals a day.

Most famous boxers are spaced meals in a day, averaging 4 hours apart. According to US health experts, the amount of time an empty stomach is starved is directly proportional to the body’s ability to store fat. Therefore, the body should not be hungry for long.

2. Eat enough carbohydrates

A meal of Royce Gracie does not have too many carbs because if you eat too full will make the body sluggish and dizzy, starch is also the culprit causing obesity and fat accumulation.

3. Do not use desserts with soft drinks

Do not drink soft drinks especially carbonated soft drinks.

4. Breakfast with high carbohydrate

In the diet of professional boxing athletes, breakfast is usually cared for with food that is high in carbohydrates.

In the diet of professional boxing athletes, breakfast is high in carbohydrates.

5. Use protein supplements

This was used by Bruce Lee, Fabricio Werdum, and Ronda Rousey. For high intensity, training boxers need to add meat-rich dishes and use protein supplements.

6. Eat snacks between meals

Snack on foods like frozen grapes, almonds, dry fruit mixes, or whole grains. Always keep your stomach from getting hungry.

7. Drink plenty of water

On average, each boxer drinks 2-2.5 liters of water a day and more for hard training days.

8. Not eating before bed (eating late at night)

Queen MMA Rousey advises that you should not eat anything during a period of 3 hours before going to bed because the body does not have enough time to digest food, leading to fat accumulation for the body.

Mayweather: From childhood full of violence to a millionaire boxer (Part 1)

No other boxer made more money than Floyd Mayweather in boxing history. 21 years of professional competitions brought in “The Loneliness to Beat” for a total of $ 615 million.

After a strange duel with Conor Mcgregor next Sunday, the American boxer promises to earn hundreds of millions more.

The rich and magnificent Las Vegas will be the place to witness the final moves of Floyd Mayweather on the ring. It is also a place where 40-year-old punchers travel every weekend to spend money up to tens of thousands of USD.

However, few people know that, from Las Vegas to the east more than 2,500 km, the Grand Rapids slum, filled with violence and guns, is the only place to nurture the childhood of “Lonely and defeated”.

The childhood

It was on January 21, 1979, the moment Floyd Mayweather’s uncle, Mr. Baboon, rushed into a small house in Michigan City with a shotgun in hand. Contradictions from a few weeks ago with the father of “Solitary defeat” has made this man lose his mind. Before the imminent death, Mr. Mayweather Sr quickly took his little son as a shield.

Mayweather’s father-in-law’s life was preserved, but the gunshot wound caused Mayweather Sr’s boxing career to a standstill.

With limited mobility, the fist once had a chance to fight with the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard who could not reach the desired height. The income is increasingly limited. The seven Mayweather people share a dark and damp bedroom.

Mayweather Sr’s 1979 action could be considered selfish. But in the end, he was a good father. Not only transmitting passion and directly teaching boxing to her son, Mayweather Sr also helps “Lonely and beaten” to avoid the evils present.

Having an opium-addicted mother and aunt passing away because abuse of this substance is not easy. Even so, Mayweather, at the age of one, forged a surprising composure.

Realizing that life had to take place in the ring, the young Mayweather went to the famous centers of Tawsi and Pride Gyms to practice.

In a difficult situation, Mayweather filled the empty stomach with determination. Bruce Kielty, the owner of the gym at that time, recalled the image of a 10-year-old boy standing on a box to perform a sandbag punching exercise.