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The biography of Bruno Fernandes – one of the key player of Man United

Bruno Fernandes’s brilliant form in the MU shirt raises questions about the limits of the “Red Devils” as well as the Portuguese midfielder.

When bringing Bruno Fernandes from Sporting Lisbon with a contract worth up to £ 68 million in the final days of the winter transfer window, likely, MU can not think the influence of the Portuguese midfielder is so big.

Who is Bruno Fernandes?

Bruno Miguel Borges Fernandes was born on September 8, 1994. He is a Portuguese professional football player and currently plays in midfield for English Premier League club Manchester United and the Portuguese national team.

Over the past decade, Portugal has been hit hard by the financial crisis. As a result, the number of migrants has increased dramatically, with more than two million Portuguese residents now living abroad. Mr. Jose Fernandes is a part of that.

Bruno Fernandes

Being unemployed and struggling because he had to handle the whole family, he decided to leave his hometown to Switzerland to make a living. Initially, Jose planned to take his wife and all three children with him. But the problem soon arose, when his second son Bruno refused to leave, even threatened to leave home, if his parents determined to move.

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The career of player Bruno Fernandes

Fernandes started his career in Italy Serie B in a Novara shirt. He soon appeared in the top league of pasta for Udinese and Sampdoria. In 2017, he signed for Sporting CP, where he established himself as one of the best players in Primeira Liga. He was voted the best player of the season of the league for two consecutive seasons 2017-18 and 2018-19.

The following season, he also helped Sporting win the Taça de Portugal. In January 2020, Fernandes joined Manchester United for an initial announced fee of around 55 million euros (£ 47 million).

Bruno Fernandes and his top style of football

Bruno Fernandes’ style of play has a penchant for attacking and has previously been compared to Toni Kroos. He is a central midfielder who likes to rise to give opportunities for his teammates by passing long passes or poking holes.

He can also score himself with long shots. Coach Jose Mourinho also admitted, he was surprised by his great performances last season.

Learn about the biography of talented football player Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes is a Portuguese footballer playing in midfield for Manchester United in the English Premier League and the Portuguese national team.

Player bio of Bruno Fernandes

On August 27, 2012, he joined Novara Calcio in Italy. After just a few weeks with the youth team, Fernandes was promoted to the first team in Serie B, and went on to play more than half of the matches in the 2012–13 season, helping his team to be 5th and win the ticket play-off.

In the summer of 2013, Fernandes signed Udinese Calcio in a player co-ownership deal. He made his Serie A debut on 3 November, entering in the second half in a 0–3 home defeat to Inter Milan. On August 16, 2016, Fernandes moved to UC Sampdoria under a loan agreement with a buy-out clause.

On January 29, 2020, the Manchester United club confirmed they had reached an agreement with Sporting on the transfer of Fernandes for a reported fee of up to £ 68m, depending on the player’s performance. The next day, the club formally finalized the signing of Fernandes, for an initial fee of about £ 47m, on a five-and-a-half year contract.

Bruno Fernandes is a talented football player in the Premier League

Bruno Fernandes in the Portuguese national shirt

Fernandes was called up for the first time on August 28, 2017, replacing the injured Pizzi during the World Cup qualifying campaign against the Faroe Islands and Hungary even though he did not play in both matches.

Fernandes joined the Portuguese Olympic team for the 2016 Summer Olympics. He started every match, helping the team reach the quarter-finals. After that, he was chosen by Fernando Santos to attend the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.

He scored his first goal on 7 June in the final training match before that major tournament, despite suffering a 0–3 defeat to Algeria at Estádio da Luz but he left his mark with 1 equal Rare early in his career.

How hard do professional sportsmen have to train to gain success?

To be the leader, you have to understand the cost that is always worth it. Sweat, tears, pain, and even life are the right prices to pay for the success that professional athletes pay.

With the intensity of exercise as terrible as athletes, their bodies have to trade a lot, only slight deformation causes loss of aesthetics, even worse can be disabled or bring consequences for the next lifetime.

Pawel Poljanski – a cycling athlete, shared a somewhat horror picture on Instagram individuals. It is a picture of deformed hamstring legs after the end of the 16th leg of the Tour de France – the most attractive cycling race on the planet.

Cristiano Ronaldo also has muscular legs, not to mention, his body has suffered a lot of injuries from practice and competition. Behind his success are probably not only tears but also more expensive prices. The Portuguese player is not without being famous in the hearts of fans over the years.

Behind the great performance of successful sportsmen

Behind the graceful dances on the ballet stage that you often admire are so many tears, sweat, and blood. When they took off their canvas shoes, their feet looked pitiful. Deep toenails, purple flesh, and deformed feet are the price dancers have to pay to receive every applause from the audience when performing.

It is known that Alex Gregory and his friends broke the world record by sailing 965km, from Norway to an island 600km from Iceland.

Rowing athlete Alex Gregory – who won a gold medal in the Olympic rowing season twice, posted a photo of his hands in the New York Times. It is known that Alex Gregory and his friends broke the world record by sailing 965km, from Norway to an island 600km from Iceland. After the journey, Alex Gregory’s hand was almost completely deformed due to his wearing paddle gloves in cold and wet weather.

Pain and hardship will be nothing when athletes reach the threshold of success when they confidently hold their heads up proudly of the world. The harshness that they bravely overcome today is the key to opening the rosy roads of a bright future.

The biography of Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova (Part 1)

So far, Sharapova has won all four Grand Slam titles in singles. The first title was Wimbledon 2004. She defeated Serena Williams in the final, followed by the US Open, after defeating Justine Henin in 2006 final.

The third title was in the Australian Open beating Ana Ivanović. 2008. The fourth title, completing career Grand Slam collection at the 2012 French Open when overtaking Sara Errani. Sharapova also won the WTA Championships title in 2004. Recently, she also reached the Wimbledon final in 2011, the Australian Open final in 2012, the US Open semi-finals in 2012, the 2012 WTA Championships final, and the final. French Open in 2013.


In 2004, Sharapova became the third youngest person in history to win the Wimbledon women’s singles championship. She was the second youngest if we had been in the open since beating Ai Sugiyama (5- 7, 7-5, 6-1) in the quarterfinals, Lindsay Davenport (2-6, 7-6, 6-1) in the semi-final, and defending champion Serena Williams (6-1, 6-4) in the conclusion.

She also became the first Russian to win the title here. Sharapova finished 2004 with a win at the WTA Championships, defeating Williams (4-6, 6-2, 6-4) after falling 0-4 in the decisive set.

Russian doll Maria Sharapova has chosen a set of 4 Grand Slam titles

Russian doll Maria Sharapova has chosen a set of 4 Grand Slam titles

From June 2004 to the 2005 Wimbledon semi-final, Sharapova had a 22-match unbeaten run on the pitch. This includes two consecutive championships in Birmingham and a championship at Wimbledon). After her success in 2004, Sharapova continued to gain more achievements. She reached the semi-finals of the 2005 Australian Open, and only succumbed to Serena Williams 2-6, 7-5, 8-6, after having had 3 goals match point.

At the 2005 Wimbledon tournament, on the way to defend her title, Sharapova went straight to the semi-finals without losing a single check, but here she stumbled on the resurrected player Venus Williams and gave up with the score. (7-6, 6-1). At the same time ending the 22-match unbeaten streak on his pitch.

In the same year, due to Lindsay Davenport being injured in the Wimbledon final, she had to retire from Wimbledon to the post-US Open. So, Sharapova climbed to number one in the world for the first time. She stayed in this position for six weeks. This was until Davenport won the Tier I championship (just four Grand Slams) in Zurich in October.

The opportunity for Van De Beek to escape the standby life at MU (Part 2)

ESPN commented that Van de Beek joined MU at the wrong time. Manchester City representatives do not need more creative midfielders in the squad. But if there is, Jadon Sancho is the person the club wants to own. From the summer of 2019, “Red Devils” consider British talent as the top transfer target.

What should Van de Beek do to improve the situation?

The former Ajax midfielder is experiencing a nightmare at the “Theater of Dreams” when the British media believe that coach Solskjaer does not have confidence in this contract. Even Van de Beek is not always appreciated by the Norwegian strategist, although Paul Pogba – the main competitor of the stone with the Dutch midfielder – is in decline.

Sports Mail revealed that Van de Beek wanted to leave in the winter to save his career. However, the Dutch midfielder quickly denied rumors and confirmed his attempt to conquer coach Solskjaer.

The match with the Turkish representative may become an opportunity for Van de Beek to change the situation. MEN commented that former Ajax star must quickly shine as Bruno Fernandes did.

Van de Beek wanted to leave in the winter to save his career

MU used to lack creativity until the Portuguese midfielder joined the club. Currently, the former Sporting Lisbon star becomes irreplaceable. The influence Fernandes created for the “Red Devils” was huge. Without him, doodles immediately appeared.

To describe the 26-year-old midfielder, all is packed in the title “What if MU do not have Bruno Fernandes” posted by Goal after the 1-0 win of the Manchester representative against West Brom.

Van de Beek must strive to promote the value

According to MEN, Van de Beek must strive to promote the value. He tried to make the most of every minute of competition. He has to show he can “stunt” his Portuguese teammate by creating assists or scoring goals.

In October, journalist Carl Anka of The Athletic said that Van de Beek needs to be patient and wait for his chance. A month has passed and things are still not working for Van de Beek.

However, everyone can sympathize with Van de Beek because he has not been given many opportunities to play. But with the match against Basaksehir taking place at 3 o’clock on November 25, if the former Ajax midfielder needs to create “something really different” at Old Trafford. Only that way, Van de Beek hopes to get rid of the nightmare in England.

The opportunity for Van De Beek to escape the standby life at MU (Part 1)

Van de Beek needs to make the most of his chances to play at Manchester United to score points with manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who is not said to have confidence in the Dutchman.

Not Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford, or Anthony Martial, Donny van de Beek became the subject of the British media before the Man United match against Istanbul Basaksehir in the fourth round of the Champions League group stage.

After only playing 11 minutes against West Brom in the 9th round of the Premier League, will the former Ajax midfielder get to start?

What’s going on with Van de Beek?

Van de Beek is becoming a mysterious contract at Old Trafford. He was almost excluded from the club’s plan when he has been on the bench recently.

Van de Beek is stuck at MU

Many people feel sorry for the fate of Van de Beek, a talented midfielder who brought Ajax to the Champions League semi-finals in 2018/19. The image of a former Ajax star with a sullen face sitting in the stands witnessed MU meeting a deadlock in front of Chelsea in October, making everyone feel sad. On the same day, from his home country, the 22-year-old midfielder’s old team engulfed VVV Venlo 13-0.

Former MU defender Patrick Evra believes that Van de Beek is not good enough to win the main kick. The French player also emphasized that the Dutch midfielder was not a really necessary contract with the club.

Van de Beek is a very creative midfielder model. The talent of this player has been verified. However, the Dutch midfielder has a too “thin” body, the element is not suitable for the English football environment, which requires a player to have the strength to dispute.

In terms of creativity, Bruno Fernandes is the main dual in “Theater of Dreams”. In terms of leadership, no one is better than the Portuguese midfielder. When he needs a substitute player for Fernandes, Paul Pogba will be mentioned because the French midfielder remains a world-class star.

Van de Beek cannot compare to Fernandes and Pogba in terms of talent and class. Even when MU needs a central midfielder, Fred or Scott McTominay will be the first choice because they too understand the Premier League environment and possess a great physical foundation.

The great basketball career of Kobe Bryant and his sad ending (Part 2)

The spirit of desire to be number one always urges Bryant himself to go ahead and defeat all, his biggest opponent is himself. At his peak, Bryant was a good scorer, but many times was criticized for his lack of team play. D’Angelo Russell had a season with Bryant, he was inhibited because he could not play when Bryant was on the field.

Even when Bryant retired, he was still a topic that was frequently explored in the newspaper, even the New York Times said it was never old when it comes to Bryant. Great Bryant or a sinner, each individual has his perspective, but no one denies he is a true legend.

The day Bryant broke up with the wooden floor, he hit the 60-point Utah Jazz basket, marking the most impressive goodbye in history. Bryant is also the first player in the NBA to hang two numbers 8 and 24 at the Staples Center. If the accident didn’t happen, Bryant would be called out and walked up in the NBA’s Hall Of Fame temple.

Bryant is hailed as a powerful athlete in the sports industry

According to LeBron James, a talk with Bryant is once inspired. Bryant believes that the biggest rival in sports is himself. He had never stepped onto the stage in the thought of having to surpass someone. Because just surpassing yourself and creating new achievements, that is the victory of sport.

Bryant is hailed as a powerful athlete in the sports industry

Michael Jordan believes only Bryant is like him in his attitude of hard training and seeing success as the limitless goal. Later, many new actors in the NBA looked to success from the example of Bryant, from Kawhi Leonard or Giannis Antetokounmpo. The end of Bryant surprised everyone when only a few days ago, he went directly to the Staples Center to cheer the old Lakers team to play.

Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and many famous athletes call Bryant inspiration. However, the most regretful thing in Bryant’s life was that he could not inspire his son, ready to follow in the footsteps of the “Black Mamba” battle in the NBA tournament.

Bryant has four daughters including Gianna, Natalia, Biankav, and Capri. Gianna, Bryant’s second daughter, has a dream of becoming a professional basketball player at the WNBA tournament.

However, the worst thing is that Gianna has passed away forever with Bryant.

The great basketball career of Kobe Bryant and his sad ending (Part 1)

Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest athletes in sports history and a symbol of victory, passed away at the age of 41 after a catastrophic helicopter crash in the United States on Jan. 26.

Bryant’s death came as a surprise, as the regular season NBA 2019/20 series still took place on the morning of January 27. Everything turned upside down because Bryant, from the story of Trae Young changing the shirt number to pay tribute to Bryant, had the football field changed the rules of the game to create a highlight for this legendary tribute. Meanwhile, LeBron James burst into tears when he learned that the great man had passed away.

Bryant’s famous basketball career spanned 20 years with only one shirt being the Los Angeles Lakers. Charlotte Hornets chose Bryant in turn 13 at the 1996 NBA Draft, then exchanged this talent for the Los Angeles Lakers. Bryant’s natural qualities have been recognized since he played in high school. By the time Bryant retired, he arrogant with the greatest position in NBA history.

The New York Times wrote that Bryant was soon aware of being a star. He keeps the habit of practicing from early morning, with days lasting until night. That’s why Bryant became the first defender from the high school basketball level to go straight to the NBA.

Bryant suddenly left, leaving his grief for the world basketball

Bryant suddenly left, leaving his grief for the world basketball

Through two decades of fighting in the NBA, the greatness of Bryant is shown through impressive statistics. “Black Mamba” (Bryant’s nickname) scored more than 33,000 points, in the top 5 most impressive scorer in NBA history. Bryant and the Lakers conquered 5 NBA championships, won 2 MVP finals (best player in the NBA final series) and 18 times attended the NBA All-Stars.

With Bryant, people mentioned him not only about outstanding talent but also in the arrogance of a superstar similar to Michael Jordan. Mainly, Bryant’s basketball career is recounted within the boundaries of hero and criminal.

The biography of Mesut Ozil – the talented striker of German football (Part 2)

In the FIFA World Cup 2010, Mesut Ozil is being selected to represent the German team. He has had performances that have attracted the attention of managers and coaches from many major European football clubs such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, Arsenal, and Barcelona.

Mesut Ozil moved to Real Madrid on 22 August 2010 for a transfer fee of up to 15 million euros. He made his debut match against the Hercules club. Shortly thereafter, Mesut Ozil was named in the club’s official squad in La Liga. His first match in this tournament was a draw.

Mesut Ozil’s first Champions League

Mesut Ozil made his first Champions League match for the club on 15 September 2010. In that match, he scored a great deal for his club by helping Gonzalo Higuain scored against the Ajax club. When the season ended, he had 25 assists, his performance received a lot of appreciation.

Mesut Ozil made his first Champions League match for the club in September 2010

He played in Real Madrid’s No.10 shirt during the 2011-2012 season, his goal in this tournament is to help the team win as many victories as possible and train. Coach Mourinho wants to make the most of his natural skills. With a total of 17 assists, Mesut Ozil was once again on the list to participate in the La Liga support rankings for the 2011-12 season.

Mesut Ozil has entered the World Football Federation’s golden ball award list and is nominated for the title of the best player in Europe through the impressive achievements he has recorded.

During three very successful years with the Real Madrid club, Mesut Ozil has switched to playing for the Arsenal club on loan for a fee of £ 42.5 million. This transfer contract helped him become the most expensive German professional football player at that time.

Mesut Ozil is not only famous on the pitch but also has a compassionate heart when he participates in many volunteer programs and uses the bonuses he received to charity.


Above is some information about the biography of Mesut Ozil. Hope this information will be really useful for football fans in general and fans of Mesut Ozil players in particular.

Learn about the diet of famous boxers around the world

The common points from the diet of famous boxers in the world that Kickboxing synthesized. You can also apply for yourself to be healthy as a boxer.

1. Eat several meals a day, meals spaced out

The famous puncher of the Fabricio Werdum boxing village shared, he usually ate 8 meals a day, eating several small meals to help the body absorb better, not creating too full of pressure on the digestive system, reducing the risk of cholesterol-related diseases. Similarly, Bruce also implements this method with 4-5 meals a day.

Most famous boxers are spaced meals in a day, averaging 4 hours apart. According to US health experts, the amount of time an empty stomach is starved is directly proportional to the body’s ability to store fat. Therefore, the body should not be hungry for long.

2. Eat enough carbohydrates

A meal of Royce Gracie does not have too many carbs because if you eat too full will make the body sluggish and dizzy, starch is also the culprit causing obesity and fat accumulation.

3. Do not use desserts with soft drinks

Do not drink soft drinks especially carbonated soft drinks.

4. Breakfast with high carbohydrate

In the diet of professional boxing athletes, breakfast is usually cared for with food that is high in carbohydrates.

In the diet of professional boxing athletes, breakfast is high in carbohydrates.

5. Use protein supplements

This was used by Bruce Lee, Fabricio Werdum, and Ronda Rousey. For high intensity, training boxers need to add meat-rich dishes and use protein supplements.

6. Eat snacks between meals

Snack on foods like frozen grapes, almonds, dry fruit mixes, or whole grains. Always keep your stomach from getting hungry.

7. Drink plenty of water

On average, each boxer drinks 2-2.5 liters of water a day and more for hard training days.

8. Not eating before bed (eating late at night)

Queen MMA Rousey advises that you should not eat anything during a period of 3 hours before going to bed because the body does not have enough time to digest food, leading to fat accumulation for the body.